Books and Publications

At Global Plus Publishing, we specialize in the printing of Educational books for Pre-school, Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary textbooks, hard case books, biographies, and other publications.


Magazines, devotionals, scholarly journals, newspapers, newsletters, or any other print material published at regular intervals, at any quantity while not compromising on quality.

Commercial Products

A perfectly executed job would lead to more patronage and referrals, this is why we give each job our very best. From flyers to corporate gifts, business cards, diaries, calendars, and all your corporate branding needs, we have the expertise to deliver beyond expectations. Have you got branding needs? Reach out to us.

Confidential Printing

Whatever your printing needs, we can be discrete while delivering the highest standards of quality printing

Specialized Finishing

How do you like your print? Folded, laminated, die-cut, perforated, saddle-stitched, embossed? Name it and we would have it done. Our equipment is state of the art and suited to delivering the best quality because you deserve the best.

Light Packaging

Thinking Paper bags packaging, product package branding, and light packaging of any form? Think Global Plus!