Welcome to Global Plus Publishing

We are a world-class, one stop Print shop with the latest and most sophisticated printing equipment ranging from our Pre-press through Press and to the Post-press (finishing). Our specialties include web, offset and sheet fed printing. GPP handles a wide range of projects from magazines, other periodicals to books, calendars, annual reports, journals, brochures and promotional materials like posters, fliers, leaflets.

Incorporated in February 2004 and having commenced full commercial operation in January 2007, we have taken on the challenge of building and promoting best practices in the printing industry.

Vision Statement

To be the standard of Printing Services in Nigeria, Africa, and be ranked amongst the best in the world. This we do by providing excellent print services to our customers.

Our Award - International Arch of Europe for Quality Award

GPP is the proud winner of the 2009 Arch of Europe award for quality and Excellence - Gold category, received in Frankfurt, Germany; and also the 2010 Century Quality Awards - Platinum category, received in Geneva, Switzerland. Whatever size project you have to tackle, you can count on GPP experts every step of the way.