Global Plus Publishing is a printing shop incorporated in 2004, but commenced operations in 2007 to deliver quality printing solution here in Nigeria. The goal has always been to make global standards more accessible and affordable.

At Global Plus Publishing, we think of our customers as our partners, offering them consultation on printing and publishing. Our popular belief is that once the customer succeeds, we also succeed. We have had the privilege of working with some of Nigeria’s top brands, a testament to our quality.

Over the years, through interaction with customers, we have noticed some frequently asked questions or some similar concerns customers may have. This ranged from pre-print processes to finishing, delivery, type of paper they should choose and many more. We sought ways to explain certain concepts and processes in clear terms to any seeking this information. This has necessitated our creation of a blog.

The "Plus" blog would answer popular questions, give printing insights, announce promo offers and discounts or discuss trending technologies in printing.

We do hope you find this blog informative, as we take this opportunity to thank you for sticking with us through the years. Subscribe to our newsletter so you do not miss any exciting updates.

If you would like us to take on any topic of particular interest to you, you can also feel free to write to us, we’d love to hear from you.

One more time, welcome to our blog.

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Welcome to Global Plus Publishing where we deliver quality printing solution here in Nigeria.

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