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It's no news that the whole world has become increasingly digital in the way we connect and work together. We communicate via text, email, and the pandemic lifesaver- Zoom, read e-books, and launch ad campaigns for mobile technology. Oh, and we also frequent social media while posting a large part of our lives for our mutuals to see.

Despite this increasing "obsession" with digital technology, print marketing is arguably still the most effective. How?

Here are five reasons why your budget allocation should include Print media advertising:

  1. Print Material Interacts with Multiple Senses

We spend all day on our devices. It's nice to touch a printed newspaper or flyer once in a while. Most of our purchase decisions are emotive, and as such, the smell of the ink can trigger a memory, feeling and drive the consumer towards the consumer marketing journey (Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action, and Retention)

Triggering multiple senses adds to how effective print advertising is. Martin Lindstrom, the writer of "Brand Sense," posits that "brands that appeal to more than three senses will be more successful with their marketing efforts than brands that don't."

  • Print Creates True Engagement

A good number of the content that lives online doesn't truly engage (of course, our blog isn't one of them). It might be a stretch to say it doesn't engage. It's more accurate to say humans don't engage as much with it. Our attention spans are lesser while scrolling through our digital devices, leading to our impatience to peruse every information we come across. Your content isn't competing with just your direct competitors, but every content on the timeline. The information overload!

The way to market effectively is to put your consumer first. Offer value, then sell yourself to them by letting them know what you have up your sleeves. Print works well in this regard because people take their time and actually read. In the print world, the ads are a part of the reading experience, just like the editorial content.

  • Print retains users' attention span.

Recent neurological research shows the human brain processes information differently when presented in print and on-screen. The studies have revealed a fact that all marketers should be aware of: "readers of print have a longer attention span because print doesn't offer as many distractions". This means readers can become fully engrossed in the content, and when they see relevant advertising next to that attention-grabbing content, they actually think about it as well.

  • Print Drives Traffic To Your Digital Platforms.

A survey by the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association found that over 47% of consumers are more likely to start an online search after viewing a print ad. That is huge! because the aim of your ad should be to get people to interact with your brand and possibly take them through the consumer marketing funnel

  • Adding Print to the Mix Increases Your ROI

An integrated marketing campaign is the most effective. i.e Traditional + Digital. In fact, research has shown print's ability to increase ROI by as much as 240%. A Brand Science analysis of over 500 European campaigns consistently showed an increase in a campaign's overall success when print was combined with other channels.

Seeing as the bottom-line of all marketing efforts is to generate revenue, why don't you cover all possible angles? If you haven't been incorporating print into your marketing, it's most likely because you had no idea how much it works. So now that you do, what are you going to do?

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5 Reasons Print Media Should Be In Your Marketing Budget

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